1. Think about your wish and how much you would be willing to pay. If you cannot reach a conclusion, the performer will help you.
  2. Decide whether you would like to negotiate the service at the table (free) or in the private booth (1€). Proceed to the performer.
  3. Both the conditions and price will be defined during the negotiation. Both parties may call off the negotiation at any point.
  4. Pay the performer as soon as you have reached an agreement. He is now bound to render the service in accordance with the negotiated conditions.
  5. There will be no refunds, regardless of whether you are satisfied with the service or not.
  6. It is not permitted to take photos or record videos of the performer/performance unless this has been negotiated and paid for.
  7. All rules are subject to change for an extra charge that must be negotiated with the performer.