About us

“Full Service” is a performance-cum-service offer that pops up in public space or around art venues.

Performer Daniel Hellmann is ready to provide any service that spectators or passers-by might wish for – as long as performer and participant manage to agree on the conditions and the price. Exemplary services could include: “I will make you a sandwich”, “I will give you a blow-job”, “I will do your taxes”.

Upon successful negotiation, services are rendered immediately and on-site: in front of the audience or in a mobile private booth. All rendered services and the prices paid are listed for the audience online.

“Full Service” puts the capitalist matrix of negotiation on full display: desire and fulfilment, personal resources and their exploitation are all explored to the maximum, centering on the dialogue between performer and participant. The performer-cum-service provider has no limits. He is customer-friendly, accommodating and he always tries to reach an agreement. Whoever dares may thus experience the fulfilment of their deepest desires – be they pleasant or disturbing.

How far will performer and participants go? Which mechanisms control their relationship? What are the exchange rates of money and power? And who dares to make the rules of negotiation a matter of negotiation themselves?

“Full Service” can be delivered in German, English, French and Italian.


Daniel Hellmann – Concept / Performance
Wilma Renfordt – Dramaturgy
Theres Indermaur – Stage Design
Linda Wilson – Web Design
Daniela Lehmann – Production
Michel Wagenschütz – Photography


Gessnerallee Zürich
zürich moves!
Performa Festival
Südpol Luzern

With the support from:
Stadt Zürich Kultur
Fachstelle Kultur Kanton Zürich
Pro Helvetia – Swiss Arts Council