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by Fanny on Full Service
Your service-Compliment letter Dear Daniel,

One year ago, we met at Antigel festival on Geneva.
I bought a complimentary letter you sent me by mail few days letter.

Just to let you know: I have never opened the envelop... I looked to it attentively, and keep it preciously, mid as a piece of art, mid as a last rescue kit for a very bad day...

The envelop is in evidence in my living room's wall and each time I look at it, I remember our deal, our appointment, our conversation, the questions you asked me for your service. And I remember my answers.

Remembering my answers makes me feel stronger, remember me the values I want to fix high in my way of life, remember my roots, remember me who I am.

I don't know what's in this letter. Sometimes, I am afraid to be disappointed.

I even don't know if I will be able to open it once.


by C. on Full Service

Danke für den Moment im Zelt bei dir. Ich glaube, dass du viel von dem Mut und Interesse am Menschsein hast, was Schauspieler/Künstler auszeichnen sollte. Klingt witzig, aber durch deine Beschreibung von mir habe ich verstanden, warum ich mich habe tätowieren lassen. Schön, mit dir die Umarmung teilen zu dürfen. Buonanotte, C.

by Peter on Full Service
Ein besonderes Vergnügen

Lieber Daniel

Auch wenn die Performance kurz war, so habe ich das Ergebnis doch sehr genossen. Du bist ein ausserordentlich sympathischer Mensch und es war eine Freude, dich kennenzulernen. Ich hoffe, wir sehn uns wieder…!?

Herzlich, Peter

by F on Full Service
Une belle chanson

Merci Daniel pour la chanson pour Aline. Elle etait tres contente et tres heureuse! Bien a toi, F

by Jo on Full Service
Thank you!

Thank you for my reading. Hope we meet again in my future 🙂

by Mel on Full Service
Phone number game

As I won our little game, I am actually not obliged to submit a review... To train my outgoingness, Daniel and me developped the following contest: We both go into the bar, chat up people, and who gets three phone numbers first, wins. I was faster (ha!) and got all numbers as a prize. Because it was great fun and good training, I write this review anyway! 😉

by Raphael H. on Full Service
Ein Wunsch wurde mir erfüllt.

Ich habe Daniel gebeten, dass er mir ein Date organisiert in der kommenden Nacht. Nicht irgendjemand, sondern eine hübsche Person, welche mir im Club aufgefallen ist. Tatsächlich: ich bekam Besuch! Danke für den Service!

by Nicola on Full Service
full service, un idea frizzante

Caro Full service,
dopo la travolgente esperienza di giovedì sera a Bellinzona in cui con la mia compagna, dopo aver riso parecchio ti abbiamo chiesto di farci piangere, operazione difficilissima!!!, Ti ho ri trovato all'opera a Losone. Sei un un attore bellissimo e frizzante, vederti mi ha messo grande allegria e guardando attorno alla tua tenda mi accorgo che la gioia aleggia ad ampio raggio.
Congratualzioni a questo progetto coraggioso e pieno di avventure!

by Ela on Full Service
The bliss of stainlessness

Dear Daniel
You really took the hair out of my soup, made the pea under my mattress disappear in an instant: by removing that salad dressing from my much-loved jumper with the help of an experienced «mamma» you gave me a moment of bliss for a reasonable price.
People, put that desire of yours out in the open and let this young man make you happy!

by Massimo Locatelli on Full Service

Dear Full Service Counselor,

thank you very much for telling me your special point of view tonight.
Sometimes the perspective of a person that is completely outside of your life, especially if he is creative, can be an occasion to reflect and start over.
In any case our life is complicated because "everybody wants to reach heaven, but nobody wants to die"....
Thank you for your care and for your time.